Organic and Immunity Boosting Produce now available at Chat Thai

04 Mar 2020

Started production in 2016. We have always been concerned with the health of our customers, and we believe they can taste it in their food. Fed up with the over sprayed and chemically grown vegetables available in Sydney, so we decided to do something about it. Now we supply all our restaurants with as much organic produce as we can from 107 acres of Certified Organic farmland in Byron Bay. The taste difference is obvious. 


Palisa teamed up with Chris Hemsworth as an advisor for his recent health and fitness app, Centr:


We currently provide organic produce, fruit and herbs to:


Chris Hemsworth & Elsa Pataky

Fink Group: Quay, Bennelong, Firedoor

Merivale: Freds, Coogee Pavilion, Berts

Momofuku, Poly, Ester, Icebergs



Close ties with Peter Gilmour at Quay/Bennelong and now growing bespoke vegetables and fruit for him such as black corn, peanuts, melons, etc. Palisa featured in his recent book as one of his "five most loyal growers and seed suppliers":


Palisa Anderson was always destined for a career in the food industry.

But after opening the doors to her own cafe and grocer, the restaurateur saw a huge gap in the market for traditional ingredients.

So she bought a farm, and decided to grow her own organic produce instead.

Andeson is the daughter of Amy Chanta, who is best known for starting the Chat Trhai restaurant chain.

"We grew up in an environment where it was really hard to find the food we craved, and the food we wanted to eat," Anderson said.

"My mother solved that by opening a restaurant with a menu that she would eat from herself."

Anderson now owns the Boon Cafe Eatery and Grocer, and also runs the Boon Luck Farm.

Her farm is located near Byron Bay, and is certified organic.

All the produce from the farm is sold in her grocery, and cooked in Boon Cafe as well as Chat Thai.

"It was extremely hard to find south east Asian ingredients that were grown the way I wanted to eat it," Anderson said.

"So that means not sprayed or any chemicals used.

"When we do our R&D trips to Thailand, we go to villages that are slightly remote and have no access to conventional foods.

"That's a really great way to find new foods, actually."

Anderson won the Sustainability Champion Award at the Women of Style Awards last Wednesday for her work in farming and nurturing organic vegetables and herbs.

"I think it's an amazing platform, because it means I can reach more people," Anderson said.

"Often, farming and food doesn't really cross over with fashion."