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7 standout vegan meals you can find at the QVB

03 Jun 2019

Australia is now the world’s third-fastest growing vegan country, with more than 2 million Aussies having made the switch to a plant-based, animal-free diet. The Economist has even gone so far as to predict 2019 is the year veganism goes mainstream.

The good news for those making the switch to animal-free diets, whether for health or ethical reasons, is the food industry is certainly doing its part to keep up. Gone are the days when a plain pasta or garden salad were enough to serve the vegetarian in the group. At the QVB, a plant-based meal is never far away. Here are the venues catering for you with food that seriously rivals that of the carnivore’s menu.

The Tea Room is perhaps best known for its traditional high tea of petits fours, finger sandwiches and scones. These days, however, it’s keeping up with our culture’s growing vegan movement by offering a Vegan High Tea, $55. All you need do is pre-order it 24 hours prior to your arrival.

Metropole sells a uber-popular Sans-sausage Vegan Roll, $8.90, filled with marinated tofu, pecans, lentils, oats, pinto beans and veggies. There’s also a Vegan Mushroom Lentil Pie with a filling of mushrooms, lentils, cashew and tomato in a rich onion gravy, $9.50.

Sahara Grill’s Vegan Moussaka, $6.50 per slice, is made to the owner’s family recipe. Traditionally, moussaka is a Greek eggplant dish made with ground meat and white sauce. The Aras family have modified theirs to suit the vegan palate, featuring eggplant cooked in extra virgin olive oil, combined with a tomato-based sauce laced with cinnamon, allspice and garlic.

Vanto, QVB’s home of wood-fired pizza – offers a Vegetariano Wood-fired Sandwich, $18, filled with mixed vegetables caponata-style and black olives (the mozzarella is omitted for you). If a lighter meal is on the cards, order the  Vegan Power Bowl, $21.90, of beetroot, kale, avocado, hummus, barley and pumpkin seeds.

Parisi offers the Tofu Buddha Bowl that is totally transcendental, brimming with mixed quinoa, beans, corn, cucumber, carrot, cabbage and tomato and dressed with a sauce of your choice. Also available in Falafel. $14 dine in. Or, choose the hand-selected Seasonal Fruit Salad, which includes a unique mix of fresh fruits like figs, fuyu fruit, dragon fruit and sapphire grapes. $10 dine in or take away from $6.


To find all of the cafes and restaurants listed above who serve these delicious plant-based options, click on the links above or head to our A - Z Dining page