Meet Siala | Unruly

News| 1st February 2024
Meet Siala | Unruly
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This year to celebrate the 46th Sydney Mardi Gras, the QVB is heroing the next generation of changemakers in the community. Together, we’re celebrating the unique stories of these boundary pushers, as their restlessness for a better future creates long-lasting change.

For Siala, a rising star singer-song writer in the Australian music industry, the LGBTQIA+ community is a safe space where they can express themselves however they choose. “it’s such a safe loving space always and everyone is so supportive.”

Of course, there is no time when this overwhelming feeling of joy and pride is more prominent than February — otherwise known as Mardi Gras month. From revelling in the glory that is Oxford Street to celebrating the vibrant LGBTQIA+ community (and getting “hyped with good energy” in the process), this is how Siala marks the Mardi Gras festivities.

Watch Siala's Unruly video at the link here, and read on below to learn more about this genre-transcending artist.

When casting talent and crew we ensure a strong representation of diversity including members and allies of the LGBTQIA+ community

Photographer: Joe Brennan | Styling: Petta Chua | Hair: Sophie Roberts | Make-up: Gillie Campbell

My pronouns are...
I'm non-binary, I feel very in the middle so I align with any pronoun (:

During the week you will find me...

at the studio... but my real passion is being in nature going for a surf with my homies and filling my kindred spirit

My fondest Mardi Gras memory is...
going to my first Sydney Mardi Gras and laying in the middle of the road laughing with my crush at the time, it's the best memory

I prepare for all the festivities by...
putting on my fav playlist, sippin on my favourite drink and having all my friends hype me with their good energy

My must-have Mardi Gras accessory is...
I would say an air tag so my friends can find me hahaha but probably a pair of thick platform Doc Martin’s

The best place to watch the parade is from..
the absolute middle of it get in there and connect with people!! 

The best way to recover from the parade is ...
when I recover I make a crazy hash brown sandwich with egg, bacon, avocado and this crazy jalapeño cheese and then watch Madagascar if I really be needing that extra serotonin hahaha

One thing I wish people knew about Mardi Gras is...  
that it’s all love and anyone and anything is accepted. It’s about loving your differences cos they make you so beautiful and unique!

I love being a part of the LGBTQIA+ community because...
it’s such a safe loving space always and everyone is so supportive and beautiful. Honestly the queers will take over the world who really does it like us.

Mardi Gras is...

hot, full of warm open eyed people, and an experience everyone should have!

One way you can support LGBTQIA+ community this Mardi Gras..
is by supporting with love or spreading awareness with people who aren’t as educated.

To find out how you can support the LGBTQIA+ community, follow the link here for the QVB's roundup of some of the most impactful organisations you can donate to this Mardi Gras (and all year round).

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