The Long Way Home, the latest collection from Camilla reads like a letter from a long-lost sister, telling tales that guide Camilla Franks back to her second home of India. Camilla's love affair with India spans a decade and it is this place where her imagination can run wild, releasing a wonderland of artistic freedom and exploration.

In the most intimate collection to-date, The Long Way Home explores the personal journey Camilla has taken as a woman throughout India, touching on characters and experiences of her colourful world.

"India is where my story really began and a place that always brings me back to my higher being. Its spirit and people guide me in a way I've never found anywhere in the world before," says Camilla Franks. "India to me is a young girl that lives in this wonderland where she believes anything is possible. She is colourful. She is imaginative. She is free."Inspired by the traditions and people of the Rajasthan and Gujurat states, this season's prints feature soft pastels, block printing techniques, folk textiles and paisley as well as florals and native birds like the iconic peacock."

Days spent on the lawn of the King's Palace are reflected in a series of prints that pay homage to traditional royal architecture featuring iconic doorways, grand entrances and tilework – complemented by customary Indian mirror work that features throughout the collection. 

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