From the sanctuary of the Blue Mountains, an Australian couple spreads the relaxed holiday vibe throughout everyday life.

Described as a "couple who live and breathe blissfulness", iKOU Founders Naomi & Paul Whitfeld have created a brand that inspires health and happiness.

Both keen travellers, their Global experiences have influenced the brand's culture in many ways. Paul and Naomi's travels created an awareness of the impact that business has on the environment, people and animals.

This prompted them to hand-make their own product, so that manufacture would fit iKOU's philosophy, and that they would know exactly what ingredients were utilised. They researched ethical options for production, purchasing of ingredients for their products, as well as fair trade and supporting charity groups.

"We spent six months living and breathing the entire concept of iKOU, until we decided it was ready to share with the world."

Their desire was to create a business that was sustainable to all, and also the earth.



Visit iKOU at Shop 9, Lower Ground South

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