Perfect Potion

Balance your chakras with these exclusive offers on a selection of potions.


Chakra Dreaming Kit
Chakra Balancing Blend 5ml + Chakra Balancing Mist 50ml + Lily & Laura Bracelet
RRP $54.95 (Valued at $69.85)
“Set aside a moment alone and spritz yourself with Chakra Balancing Mist or add a few drops of Chakra Balancing Blend to a Lily & Laura Bracelet.”

Chakra Meditation Kit
Black Gohan Aromatherapy Diffuser + Chakra Essential Oils Kit
RRP $144.95 (Valued at $179.90)
“Build a mental foundation for healing and focus on your chakras individually by diffusing your chosen chakra blend to promote some serious meditation.”

Chakra Ritual Kit
RRP $54.95 (Valued at $71.85)
Chakra Balancing Bath Soak 250g + Chakra Balancing Tea Jar 50g + Chakra Balancing Massage Oil 100ml
“Run a bath using Chakra Bath Soak and make a pot of Chakra tea; take this time for deep reflection and look inwardly.”

Beat The Insects Kit
RRP $44.95 (Valued at $50.85)
Outdoor Body Spray Natural Insect Repellent 125ml + Outdoor Rescue Gel 15ml + Aftersun Rescue Gel 125ml
“Take aromatherapy with you to the great outdoors this Summer and protect your family naturally from bugs, sunburn, and bites.”

Summer Hydration Skincare Kit
RRP $89.95 (Valued at $112.85)
Pure Plant Hydrating Serum + Pure Plant Hydration Mask 50ml + Aftersun Rescue Gel
“Hydrate and calm your skin with soothing pure plant extracts that will leave your skin feeling soft, rehydrated, and soothed.”

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