Year of the Dog Gallery

At QVB, we invite you to celebrate in style this Lunar New Year. The Year of the Dog is a time to reflect upon the admirable qualities of humans (and dogs) – generosity, loyalty & kindness. Some of the best traits of all.

In an ode to our beloved four-legged friends, the QVB commissioned a Year of the Dog digital portrait gallery, built by Paper Moose. Housed within ornate frames sits video footage of five dogs, decked out in the QVB's most covetable new styles (what else?!). Our pups are entranced by a giant tennis ball and eagerly await passing shoppers to stop and play with the ball.

The screens are linked to motion sensor technology which allows the dogs to turn their heads whenever the ball is picked up and moved around by shoppers. Interact with our fun-loving furry pals on Ground Floor, under the Dome today. #QVBLNY18




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